Loveland, OH


A great example of our demolition expertise was this small project in Loveland, OH.  This home was 103 years old, literally falling apart at the seams, and lowering the value of the property.  We got in there, tore it down, and cleaned it up just in time for a future owner to build a new home on the site.

Scottsdale, AZ


This was a small electrical run from a main building to a newly built parking garage. Sweet, basic, and to the point, but an excellent experience none the less. Since then, we have done a hundred of these types of projects, and we continue to get better and better at them.

Cincinnati, OH

Tank Removal

This was a basic underground tank removal that took place for a paper factory in Cincinnati, OH.  It was unknown what liquid the tanks were used for, so we did everything "by the book", to include soil samples and calling the EPA out to inspect once the tanks were uncovered.  It took a LOT of paperwork, but this project was worth every penny.

Verona, KY


This project was done for one of the best customers that Extreme Earthworks has ever had.  This gentleman bought a piece of property specifically so his grandkids could ride their ATV's, but there was only one problem... The woods were sooooo thick that nobody could get through, so they called us to help out.  We cleared a path, and created a trail system nearly a mile long.  Those grandkids ride those trails almost daily, and it can't get any better than that.